"click" to be presented as a reading in Los Angeles, 2018

Reservations and info at  fireflowerproductions.com/click

Reservations and info at fireflowerproductions.com/click

Cole, a “stealth” female-to-male transgender person, happily presents as a cis-male to everyone except Elizabeth, his ambitious Republican girlfriend. But when Cole meets Troy, a young FTM person with a public transition vlog, he finds his inner circle widening. Cole even reconnects with Michael, a high school friend turned internet-famous drag queen. With so many around him living in the spotlight, Cole is forced to consider whether the life he’s built is the dream he’s always wanted – or yet another closet.

Written by Kathleen Coombs
Directed by Adriana Colón
Produced by Bren Coombs
Cole played by August Aiden
Elizabeth played by Kelley Jakle
Michael played by Darien Battle
Troy played by Alexander Remyl
Stage Directions by Maxton Baeza
Casting Assistance by Jane Flowers